The winner of GTP Indie Cup Winter'17 in the nomination of the best Unreal Engine game! - GTP Indie Cup Winter'17 Ukraine, 22nd of February, 2017

The winner of WEGAME Awards in the nomination for the best indie game 2017 according to WEGAME. Indie Prize Finalist by Casual Connect - WEGAME 3.0 Ukraine, 9th of April, 2017


Sayri Adventure is a family friendly exploration-puzzle game.

Sayri lost its home and landed on another planet. He wakes up, frightened, tries to survive and find a new homeland. The new planet is unknown and has many secrets and obstacles Sayri is not able to solve.

Sayri is a clever empathic alien creature. He has outstanding telepathic abilities to friendship native creatures of the new world. Extra abilities of Sayri help to interact with special environmental obstacles. Creatures-friends help Sayri to solve puzzles.

The idea of the game that player has to combine abilities of creatures and Sayri to solve puzzles. An exploration going in an open handcrafted world where a player can go everywhere to make its way.


  • Family-friendly and non-violent concept
  • Friendship simulation AI to emphasize relationship between player-main hero and world creatures
  • Each creature is going to have its spirit, voice and temper
  • Handcrafted open worlds each having absolutely stunning setting and story
  • Narrative makes player experience lite emotions: joy, anxiety, excitement, enthusiasm, anticipation and love

Facts sheet

  • Targeted platforms: Consoles
  • PC/Mobile are in plans
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Release planned in beginning of 2019


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