COMING in 2019 for Consoles and PC

the third-person story-driven adventure powered by values of non-violence, friendship, and beauty!

Hello Sayri

Imagine the kindest, cleverest and cutest creature that’s just like a real person but with four legs, a tail, two hands, six ears, and two horns!

Yes, this is Sayri

Sayri lost family and home but survived in an unknown world


Sayri to find a new home, lost family, new friends and reveal an unbelievable story of his kind

Major features:

  • Engineering by combining physics and AI of the friends
  • A true puzzler where only cooperation between each friend helps to make a way
  • A handcrafted big world presented by pseudo-open location each having its story and graphical settings
  • A heart-warming story about Sayri and a deep secret of his essence
  • Adventure and exploration in a magical vibrant world
  • Relaxing gameplay and friendship


A unique way of solving puzzles by interacting with friendly NPC characters, built around their different behaviors and personalities.


This clever AI lives in a stunning pseudo-open world that’s visually rich with storytelling. This story and mutual relations with the inhabitants create a fun and emotional experience that offers a fresh breeze of family games.

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