The winner of GTP Indie Cup Winter'17 in the nomination of the best Unreal Engine game! - GTP Indie Cup Winter'17 Ukraine, 22nd of February, 2017

The winner of WEGAME Awards in the nomination for the best indie game 2017 according to WEGAME. Indie Prize Finalist by Casual Connect - WEGAME 3.0 Ukraine, 9th of April, 2017


Sayri Adventure is an adventure exploration game with puzzle elements in a fictional setting. The main hero, Sayri, is a sole survivor of his kind after a global cataclysm. Unfortunately, the world that sheltered him is living its last days. A smell of smoke is in the air, the land is crumbling, and everything can collapse into the abyss in a moment. To survive and save his new friends, Sayri has to unite the native inhabitants into one tribe. That tribe has to solve the tricky puzzles, deal with the detractors, and overcome the unbelievable obstacles on his way to the new home.

  • EXPLORE an undiscovered mysterious world
  • COOPERATE with inhabitants to solve puzzles and pass obstacles
  • USE your telepathy to communicate and lead the way
  • EXPERIENCE a story of true friendship, goodwill and mutual support
  • FIND a new homeland

Facts sheet

  • Targeted platforms: XBOX/PS/Nintendo
  • PC/Mobile are in plans
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Release planned mid of 2018


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