Become a tribe leader in a post-apocalyptic fictional world, full of mysterious creatures. Explore, solve puzzles, rule your tribe and find a new homeland.



The winner of GTP Indie Cup Winter'17 in the nomination of the best Unreal Engine game! - GTP Indie Cup Winter'17 Ukraine, 22nd of February, 2017

The winner of WEGAME Awards in the nomination for the best indie game 2017 according to WEGAME. Indie Prize Finalist by Casual Connect - WEGAME 3.0 Ukraine, 9th of April, 2017


The game is created by Vidloonnya Reborn, a game development studio from Kiev, Ukraine.


Sayri Adventure is a game of exploration and puzzle-solving in a fictional post-apocalyptic world. Player acts as Sayri, an alien creature leading the tribe of different creatures and using their unique abilities to solve the puzzles and protect the tribe from various dangers. Exploration is important too, as nobody knows what may be hiding around the next corner!

  • BE A LEADER. Learn the abilities of your tribesmen and use them in the most efficient way. Feel the leader’s duty as well: you have to protect your teammates.
  • ENJOY THE WORLD. Explore a surrealistic, stylized and atmospheric low-poly sci-fi world.
  • THINK HARD. Solve a lot of puzzles using your tribesmen as the “keys”. Each of them has abilities that may help to solve puzzles and even to survive.
  • NEVER GET BORED. Sayri Adventure is a combination of action, micro-management, and puzzle solving.
  • HAVE FUN. A lot of locations, levels, creatures and amazing puzzles bring great experience and will keep a player in the game until the very end.

Facts sheet

  • Targeted platforms: XBOX/PS/Nintendo
  • PC/Mobile are in plans
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Release planned mid of 2018


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