The next non-violent relaxing adventure

Imagine the kindest, cleverest and cutest creature that’s just like a real person but with four legs, a tail, two hands, six ears, and two horns!


Yes, this is Sayri.

The poor guy since he lost his family and his home!


Sayri does not give up and hopes to survive

Hello Sayri:

Sayri is a cute emphatic creature. The telepathic abilities allow to physically affect an environment of the world.

Sayri meets friends by helping native inhabitants of the world. They help him to make a way home by complementing Sayri’s abilities with theirs.


A unique way of solving puzzles by interacting with friendly NPC characters, built around their different behaviors and personalities.

This clever AI lives in a stunning pseudo-open world that’s visually rich with storytelling. This story and mutual relations with the inhabitants create a fun and emotional experience that offers a fresh breeze of family games.

Major Features:

  • Friendship and mutual relations
  • Adventure and exploration in a magical vibrant immersive world
  • Relaxing gameplay
  • A true puzzle solver where only cooperation between each other can help to make the way
  • A heart-warming story inspired by a drama of each hero
  • A handcrafted big world divided by pseudo-opened locations each having its story and graphical setting

The story we can tell

Everything else you need to find by playing the game:

Sayri is a cute, clever, emphatic extraterrestrial creature living in a beautiful and friendly world.

That’s the way it always been, older generations handed over their telepathic abilities to the younger one.

Unfortunately, everything has the end. The planet of Sayri gets into a huge disaster. The inhabitants must leave their world and use interplanetary ships built by forgotten ancestors.

The capsule of Sayri is landed on an unknown planet.

Sayri tries to survive and find a new home. The new planet is unknown and has many secrets and obstacles Sayri is not able to solve alone…

Help Sayri to find a way home together with new friends – inhabitants of an unknown world!

About Us

We are Vidloonnya Reborn – game development company mainly located in Ukraine. We are a team of 6 people making the next generation of relaxing puzzle-exploration game Sayri Adventure.

We are inspired by masterpieces like Journey, ABZU, Ico, Fe and others alike, we believe in the immersive interactive experience. Deeply inspired, we’re building a game with the purpose of making people feel good and experience light emotions. We love working on Sayri and building something that will empower us to offer all of that, to families around the world.